New Faith No More Album, Eh?

Nearly twenty years since they released their last record, 1997’s Album of the Year, Faith No More have announced that they’re working on a brand new studio album to be released in April 2015, with plans to tour afterwards. This is seriously good news: Faith No More were one of the most fascinating bands of the Nineties and it’s fantastic to see this reunion of theirs finally amount to some new material. As bad a rep as Album of the Year got at the time, it’s actually a pretty great little record and the two songs they played at Hyde Park in July sounded to my ears like an evolution of the warmer, more polished sound of that album, which I wouldn’t mind hearing at all (assuming that’s where this new stuff is headed). That said, if they can replicate the sheer insanity of Angel Dust it’ll easily make for the most interesting release of 2015. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this.


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