A Little Blog Update

Happy June, I guess!

As you can tell, there’s been a bit of a dry spell for the Crash Course recently (that’s final year assignments for ya); and now that Eurovision has come and gone I’ve been thinking of ways to try and inject some regular blood back into it. I realise I’m still writing about Red Dwarf and I promise that “Me2” write-up is coming – I just haven’t had the time to properly focus my thoughts on what is already a pretty messy episode. I’ve also got a bunch of albums I’ve been meaning to review dating back to February: again, the problem is time, but I’ve also been struggling to find a review format that works for me. I’ve already proven I can handle both the prose and track-by-track reviews competently, but I can’t decide which works best. I suppose I could alternate between the two.

So, at the moment I’m looking to the future as I slowly crawl my way there. I’ve got one last paper to sit before my summer begins, at which point I plan to get back into reading and writing for pleasure again. There’s a few albums coming up that I’d like to review, along with the aforementioned back-log, and eventually I might even wade through my CD collection and have a poke at some of my older records. I wouldn’t mind also reviewing some current television and co-opting some of that sweet, sexy Dan’s Media Digest audience – new series of Doctor Who comin’ up, eh? Eh? – but for now I think I’ll stick to my nostalgia.

I’ve also been giving some thought to doing regular pop song reviews to keep the seat warm on this blog, so to speak, but given my general apathy towards pop music these days I might throw some rock song reviews in there as well to keep things interesting. Yes, rock bands are still releasing music, and I mean proper balls-to-the-wall rock music. Rock ain’t dead, people – it just went underground and, if I’m honest, it’s doing mighty fine where it is. When these talking heads say guitar music should make a comeback they usually mean that insipid, executive-driven, three-chord, indie-landfill dreck we were subjected to in the mid-Noughties and, frankly, that can stay wherever it is. But that’s another rant for another day.

So that’s how things are. How about some links? For anyone who’s even remotely interested in what kind of music I listen to I recently finished uploading all my albums to my Collectorz database, which you can have a nosey at here. I regularly scrobble to Last.fm as well, so you can get an idea of what I’m listening to these days here. Like everybody else I’m also on Twitter, so if you’re gagging for even more extended silence from me you can follow me on there.

To cap things off for now, though, here’s some Vintage Trouble. Why? Because Vintage Trouble are great. You’re welcome.


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